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    November 15, 2023


    GROUPS Groups just got a revamp as has the way we provide our products and prices but what are groups? Simply put groups are our suppliers, we have a solid partnership with each of our suppliers, were often the design...

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    June 7, 2023


    Hoare Group now offers 3D printing services for small to medium-scale parts, components and products in a range of materials including PLA , PTEG, ABS, PU, TPU and more. Please contact us to discuss your project and learn more about...

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  • 2023
    February 7, 2023


    2023 is set to be a very proactive year of development, design , new products and new customer relationships.  
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  • Jenson
    November 3, 2022


    Were continually designing and developing new products with our customers and supplier partners. If you are interested to receive a quotation on any of the new developments you see on our website or across any of our social channels don’t hesitate...

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  • About Us
    November 3, 2022

    About Us

    “So much more than furniture sourcing, a British company dedicated to providing an extensive range of services from design to delivery, heavy on transparency over how they work and keeping it all very personal and ethical“.   Hoare group works with small...

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  • GROUP 1
    August 22, 2022

    GROUP 1

    Group 1 is our long-standing sofa supplier, we have been designing and supplying sofas and related products for well over 15 years. 
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  • GROUP 2
    May 5, 2022

    GROUP 2

    We offer a direct collaboration working through us, we also offer a free unlimited design and account management resource in the UK and Europe.
    With Hoare Group now being based in the UK, you will have direct contact with us and we will manage the relationship on UK time.
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  • Free Shipping
    January 1, 2022

    Free Shipping

    Free Shipping , we wish ! It’s the start of a brand new year 2022 , a year we all hoping is going to improve based on the previous year or 2 however as Covid cases are rising in China...

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  • woof and meow
    December 23, 2021

    woof and meow

    Woof and meow or woof and meow house are trademarked brands, Hoare group manufactures and distributes woof and meow products globally. Woof and meow started life as a brand only designing and developing houses or homes for dogs and cats,...

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