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2023 is set to be a very proactive year of development, design , new products and new customer relationships.  

Right now I think we can say everyone is over covid and that includes China, just before the Chinese new year holiday the Chinese Government made a swift turnaround and reversed and removed all restrictions making China open once again after 3 years.

The other major hurdle for everyone has been Shipping costs, these are now also manageable even for sofa imports which were hit the hardest.

In short, all Asia suppliers are up and running after the yearly holidays, buyers are active and people are traveling again albeit not as they used to, there has been a shift in the way people work and some of that is here to stay.

Hoare Groups’ head office is now in the UK and we have seen a significant growth spurt by being able to see our customers face to face and offering the transparency of operating a UK business rather than a Hong Kong-based one.

Any growth benefits all our customers as we are able to offer a greater number of products and have a greater presence at our suppliers.

We look forward to having new discussion with you about how Hoare Group can add value to your business, get in touch to see what products are available right now.

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