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Groups just got a revamp as has the way we provide our products and prices but what are groups?

Simply put groups are our suppliers, we have a solid partnership with each of our suppliers, were often the design company behind the supplier, and collaborate with them at furniture shows, customer selection meetings, and more, it's much more than just suppliers, it’s a trusted partnership that allows us to bring great products to market fast.

“ we work with up to 50 manufacturers across China, Vietnam and Indonesia and each supplier has a unique ability, product type, material or way of working, we have a strong partnership with every factory we work with, and some we have worked with for well over 15 Years.”

We can now provide you with a single link that gives you access to all our individual group catalogues and with it the related price list.

Where possible we have also added a factory tour link and further tech info to provide as much transparency over how we work and who we work with.

This structure is new and replaces many individual documents and the need to keep emailing updates and removes the file size issues also, because its new were still updating many of the group's prices and were refreshing all the catalogues to the same format and adding many new products, as we make updates we will be sending out update emails and highlighting positive changes.

Your welcome to also signup to our news letter on our site and keep an eye on blog posts.

we feel this new structure will allow us to manage a larger set of products and keep information up to date and correct.

Contact for us the link and have all time access to all our products and prices live and always up to date.

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