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Group 1 is our long-standing sofa supplier, we have been designing and supplying sofas and related products for well over 15 years to the UK, Ireland, Australia and Hong Kong.


We offer a wide range of products including Sofas, Chairs, loungers, Coffee tables, Footstools, Upholstered beds and even pet sofas. Predominantly products from Group 1 are fabric but we can also develop PU and leather products.


We offer CARB Phase 1 Certificate MDF and Plywood. And our internal structure is typically Eucalyptus, rubber wood and or Metal.

Orders are by full container and MOQ can be as low as 20pcs per item and 3 items can be mixed in the container depending on size, typically or lead times are 4-6 weeks

We have an existing range of products; some can be seen here or for the most up to date collection don’t hesitate to contact us for our full catalogue.

Group 1 is only one of our sofa suppliers, we also have Group 12, 15, 16 and 22, each group represents a different strength or criteria.


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