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Our OEM suppliers / factories

Our OEM suppliers / factories

“ we work with up to 50 manufacturers across China, Vietnam and Indonesia and each supplier has a unique ability, product type, material or way of working, we have a strong partner ship with every factory we work with and some we have worked with for well over 10 Years.”

— more than just suppliers

“ Most of our partners are a mix of OEM and own design meaning that we can design and develop your own ideas however there will also be a number of products that will be available that the factory is already making, where we have identified great products from our partners we have listed them in the products area of this site.”

— products

Mirror and mirror furniture .

Our mirror factory along with our packaging is perhaps the best in the industry, fully audited, SEDEX registered, we supplying small independent retailers along with some of the largest brands in the Uk and Europe. We don pretend to be the cheapest mirror supplier but we can promise 100% safety , outstanding packaging and on time delivery  along with helping you develop your own designs exclusive to you .

UK / Australia / US

Leather chairs and sofas

We work with 2 main leather chair and sofa suppliers however they also offer a range of other related products, typically we are developing top grain leather chairs and sofas however can work with lower grade material, all our leather is imported and production is in China, we can work to MOQ’s as low as 5 on some items, we have a large collection of off shelf items to choose from or we can develop your own ideas.


Handicrafts using mixed materials and hand applied decorative finished is a fast growing category we work in north and south Vietnam and can offer very unique pieces crafted from but not limited to mother of pearl, Capiz, egg shell and a whole lot more.

Solid wood

We are solid wood specialists having designed and developed many products and ranges in almost every material possible, we fully understand the material and its constraints as well as how to engineer designs to suit customer price points, we work with over 15 factories managing, Oak, walnut, acacia, pine, rubber and a mix of composite materials, we offer low end and high end capabilities and 80% of production is in Vietnam with MOQ ranging from 20 -100 .

Panel furniture KD RTA

We have vast experience working in fully KD panel furniture. Paper foil, PVC foil, Melamine, high gloss, Gloss foil and the list goes on.  We have partnered with one of China’s leading furniture factory for over 10 years, between us we supply the UK’s leading retailers along with Japanese , European and American clients but don’t let that put you off, our new automated factory in Zhangzhou can cater for large and very small orders. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Garden furniture

Garden furniture is a major category and 80% of it comes from Vietnam right in the heart of where we opperate, our clients are varied as is the huge potential for product and material types, please contact us to discuss your project or retail requirements.

Interior accessories

We work with a leading supplier in vietnam for small furniture and interior accessories from picture frames to side tables, the finishing options are vast and the product range very competent supplying globally to a number of very well respected retailers.

Uk / US / Australia / UAE


We offer the ability to manufacture any sofa from across 7 suppliers in China and Vietnam, from KD sofas in a BOX to high end premium fabric sofas and of course everything in the middle, depending on product type and destination we can work form 1 piece per model or mass manufacture from larger brands, supermarkets and businesses

PP ABS chairs

The choice is wide and the styles are forever changing, contact us to discuss your needs for either retail or commercial.

Mixed material

We work with many suppliers mostly in china that can offer a wide variety of products and choice of materials within one supplier, this is often useful for smaller retailers looking to mix containers with a variety of mixed items. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Mid - high end

For the more premium retailer or business we have ample experience bringing to market a more mature product

Commercial interiors

Hotels, coffee shops, schools and exterior spaces are all commercial spaces we have catered for, contact us to discuss how we can add value to your project or space.


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Tony Yeung - October 13, 2021

Dear Sir / Madam,

Good day.
We have 12×20GP containers slats orders for production and export to France. I would like to have your sales contacts to make the enquiry.
Awaiting your reply. Thank you.
Wishing you a very nice day.

Best regards,
Blugate Ltd.
+ 852 93124260

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