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Group 7 Our strongest supplier to date.

Group 7 Our strongest supplier to date.

We have a number of great furniture suppliers but 1 stands out from the rest and we have had an extensive relationship with them for well over 10 years.

Our Group 7 factory or G7MPCN has now opened a new large scale facility in the east of China, 2020 bought with is many challenges for the opening of the factory but were now pleased that production has finally begun at the new factory since February 2021.

Were now able to cater for a very wide range of customers but large and small, our factory is predominately a panel factory that also mixes materials including solid wood, metal, plastic and glass. Think IKEA but at a factory that provides a more personal approach and with a company like Hoare Group who can offer any level of design and management ability.

The finishes that we can provide here are wide but we focus heavily on paper foil, PVC foil and painting. We specialise in living and bedroom furniture but also in Nursery furniture, we designed the first ever full MDF cot-bed that passes UK testing.  

Most of what we do here is OEM but you may find a few ranges that we offer off shelf, either way as a design company we can fully support any ideas you may have.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about how we may assist you to work together.

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