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What do we do ?

What do we do ?

HOARE GROUP is a British design and sourcing company based in China and Vietnam.

Work with an established British team in South-East Asia:

Based in London and Hong Kong, we’re a British team of designers and production managers with over 30 years’ experience of specifying and quality-controlling furniture manufacturing in South-East Asia for leading European retailers and distributors.

Why should I use you ?

“So much more than furniture sourcing, a British company based in Asia dedicated to providing an extensive range of services from design to delivery, heavy on transparency over how they work and keeping it all very personal and ethical“.

With our own trusted suppliers and proven quality processes:

We enjoy long and successful relationships with some 40 manufacturers across the region, all reporting to ISO 9000 standards with full Certificate of Conformity compliance. So we can channel your projects through the most appropriate factories and communicate your requirements with no language difficulties, complete transparency and absolute confidence. Our quality controllers on the ground ensure that every project matches your specifications, timetable and budget.

What benefits do you bring me (the customer) 

services to support you throughout or at any stage of your production cycle

Our involvement in your project can be as comprehensive or as specific as you need it to be. From quality control of a single process to full management of the whole cycle.

We’d love to work with you.

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