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We have partnered with our Group 2 factory in China and will be their sole representative outside China.

Furniture factory
We offer a direct collaboration working through us, we also offer a free unlimited design and account management resource in the UK and Europe.
With Hoare Group now being based in the UK, you will have direct contact with us and we will manage the relationship on UK time.

furniture factory
Because of your relationship with Hoare Group we can provide you with a personal service for what is one of China’s leading suppliers of domestic KD Panel furniture.

These images outline some of the key manufacturing strengths of this collaboration and show why so many trusted retailers have worked with us for many years already. Industry-leading technical and ethical audit supplier, full card and paper packaging compliant. #furniture #design #manufacturing #kd #rta

you can buy available products or we can design you a product or range exclusively for your business at no cost to you.

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