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Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Free Shipping , we wish !

It’s the start of a brand new year 2022 , a year we all hoping is going to improve based on the previous year or 2 however as Covid cases are rising in China with Chinese new year looming one still moves forward with caution.

our team in mainland china are already being faced with travel restrictions and further restrictions in entering territories and certain factories.

13 million people have been told to stay inside in Xi’an and no doubt other cities and regions may follow.

So how does this affect Furniture manufacturing and shipping in 2022. In general China has remained the dominant manufacturing zone ahead of Vietnam and India and despite the huge challenges in shipping costs, we foresee more challenges in 2022 and retailers and buyers expecting to maintain regular shipments out of Asia should act now.

Despite the above factors we anticipate a sharp rise in activity from a buying perspective which causes a shift in production lead times and shipping availability and costs, so what’s changed you might ask ? Stock and demand has changed, its was always a driving factor in paying extra costs and waiting longer but now retailers and customers alike are finding it hard to manage, there is no crystal ball and we must all simply move on in a way that creates an in stock and ready to deliver position whatever that might look like, unfortunately it will be at a cost, a cost of doing business over the next 5 years.

Hoare Group has over the past 2 years had its foot firmly on the design and development path with the anticipation of a thirst for new products, new ideas, new brands to feed a very thirsty consumer base.

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david - January 1, 2022

You had me at free shipping

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