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What is group 3

What is group 3

All the suppliers / manufactures we work with are categorized as groups, you can mix any products from the same group in 1 container.


We have been working with group 3 for a little under 10 years predominately supplying furniture into the UK in container loads, they are a very mature and competent manufacturer boasting mid-price point panel KD furniture and more recently assembled furniture, we focus on , living , dining and bedroom furniture for domestic use. 


The main of the product is painted MDF mixed with real wood veneer, more recently we have also introduced melamine product into the mix to capture a wider audience.


Packing is always drop test and industry leading allowing for the most aggressive of ecommerce customers.


We are constantly developing new products and ranges and have a huge back catalogue of designs so do reach out to us to explore what we can do together here, we manage and oversea the entire operation with our teams on the ground in China.

WATCH a product example here

Want to know more then get in touch.

More about HOARE GROUP 

We are a British owned business who source and design a wide range of
products however specialize in furniture for retail.
We work with small and large companies, wholesalers, retailers and
commercial establishments at many different levels from design and
manufacturing to sourcing and we offer to manage the complete OEM
product flow in the middle including using us as your buying office in Asia.
Our head office is in Hong Kong with offices and teams in Southern China and
Vietnam, we are well located to manage both our customers and our
supplier relationships.
The furniture that we sell, design and or develop is by container order only ,
we do not sell individual pieces to the public.
We would love to work with you and fully understand how our business can

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